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Versatility Staffing Inc is an experienced staffing agency with a proven track record. We help candidates and employers find their match within their field of expertise.

Contingent staffing

Our highly expertised staff with a promising talent and agility is the solution to your recruiting requirements. Be it in IT, Finance, or Construction; we ensure that the right talent comes to you!

Permanent staffing

At Versatility Staffing, you will find killed and reliable professionals who are committed to their careers. Let’s get connected if you are looking for professionals who love what they do!

RPO solutions

We deliver the necessary staff to fulfill our client’s recruitment requirements. Our recruitment outsourcing solutions address your operational and enterprise needs.

Industries We Serve

Based in Toronto, Serving Industries Across Canada

Our research is thorough and in-depth, we pride ourselves with many success stories and ongoing relations we have made over the years. We will make your search our solution!

Information & Technology

No automated tool can replace a trained technical professional. Versatility has years of experience in providing technical support to a wide range of companies and IT consulting businesses.

Finance & Accounting

Our account gurus are experienced in keeping the sheets and company balanced.

Sales & Marketing

Promoting a brand is a tough nut to crack. Let us help you! Our creative, confident, and target driven professionals are promising and success driven. Don’t be amazed to see a drastic increase in your sales.


Here you can hire a qualified and skilled worker in today’s competitive markets of general and industrial labour.

Why Choose Versatility Staffing

Highly Experienced Staffing

Established in 2015 as a boutique agency, Versatility Staffing has been continuously engaged in providing an ambitious workforce on a global platform. Versatility itself defines and supports a diversified workforce with an incredibly earned experience. Highly expertise professionals are an asset to any organization; then why not yours? The more experienced you are, the less room for any complaints. Be it IT, Account, Sales or Construction, our impeccable staff is success driven and have a go-get-it attitude.


Versatility Staffing firmly believes in an open and transparent stream of communication. We ensure that people know exactly what is going on around them. At versatility we salvage the relationship by building trust and meeting your needs and commitments as promised. (we can add a quote from one of the clients).


In the words of John Maxwell: ‚ÄúCommitments separate the Doers from the Dreamers! People follow Doers”. Making and keeping commitments is the foundation of Versatility Staffing. We are committed to money, time, energy, emotion and creativity. We never compromise on quality no matter what it takes. We are focused on our goals and vision for the company.

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